Created on Saturday, 11 April 2020

In today’s challenging period, we need to pay more attention than ever to needy families, lonely elderly people, people with disabilities and other vulnerable segments of the population. Therefore, a special center for the coordination of sponsorships was established in our district. You can also take an active part in this  charity event and donate to the following accounts of the "Sponsorship Fund" in Kosonsoy district by transferring some money as an individual or a firm.

 It is a great reward to be open-handed, to show kindness, to bring joy to people's hearts.

We hope that you will not stay indifferent to this humanitarian aid.


Sponsorship Fund accounts:  


Bank account: 2021 2000 6005 3302 1001


INT: 202 038 317


MFO: 01049 Bank: Kosonsoy branch of Mikrokreditbank JSCB Recipient: Makhdumi Azam


Foundation; Purpose of payment: Sponsorship for needy families  


Transfer funds by plastic card:

8600 0529 2421 0394 (Maqsudov Raimjon)



Created on Wednesday, 01 April 2020

On March 3 of this year, at the Ministry of Makhalla and Family Support of the Republic of Uzbekistan, First Deputy Minister Elmira Basitkhanova awarded the women who showed enthusiasm and initiation in social life of our country, who gave their best so that families live in a harmony and who contributed to the improvement of motherhood and childhood and who play role models for other women, with breastplate “Mutabar Ayol” which means “Honorable woman”. Among the awardees, there was the head of the People's Reception of Kasansay district - Tohirakhon Muydinova.

 In this regard, personally Bakhodir Yusupov, the mayor of Kasansay district gave the breastplate to Tohirakhon Muydinova in the City Hall of Kosonsoy district khokimiyat in a special ceremeny. Khokim of Kosonsoy district B.Yusupov congratulated on this high recognition of Tohirakhon on such a large scale and wished her further success and strong health in the future.

 We all know that Tohirakhon Muydinova has been working effectively in our district for a number of years. Awardees will also receive a cash prize of 4 minimum wage scale.


For information, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan issued on February 2, 2018, the breastplate "Mutabar Ayol" was established to honor the women who are active and initiative in the life of society and state and contributed to the well-being of families, who protect childhood and motherhood.


Press service of Kosonsoy district khokimiyat


Created on Thursday, 26 March 2020

To fulfill the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan issued on January 24, 2020 "About measures of further improvement and popularizing physical training and sports in the Republic of Uzbekistan" PD-5924 began a construction of a new modern motorway.


The project is being developed with the help of a local investor, "Savanna" Ltd. The main aim of the project is to set regular sporting events related to auto racing and motor racing which is considered to be kinds of technical and applied sports. Moreover, the active participation of local sportsmen in national and international sport competitions and sharing experience with experienced sportsmen is another motive of the project.


Regional competitions used to be hold on the existing motor track. The new track will give the opportunity to hold high-class and regular sport competitions at the national and international levels. 


An international competition for the Cup of the Mayor of Namangan region on motorcycle racing  is being planned to hold on this brand-new motor track in Shokhsafed massif of Kasansay district.


Translated by Ehson Usmanov Press service of Kasansay district khokimiyat



Created on Saturday, 21 March 2020

Annually, 28 girls of Uzbekistan are awarded the State Prize named after the great Uzbek poetess Zulfiya. This year, Olimakhon Tojiboeva, who received an award in the field of art, was one of the awardees. A schoolgirl from Kasansay has had a great interest in music and singing songs since her early childhood. Her interest in art was noticed by her grandmother - Karomat Boyboboeva. At the age of seven, Olimakhon started to attend  to school of music and arts number 3 in Kasansay district.


The first teacher of the girl was Sojida Akhmatkhonova, who taught her to play the dutar, a national musical instrument. Later, Olimakhon gained interest in the traditional Uzbek songs taught by Obidjon Azimov. Nowadays she is continuing  her studies in this direction with Sherzod Abduraimov (an instructor of national Uzbek songs)  at the Namangan Children's School of Music and Arts . Olimahon is the winner of several national and international art festivals. For instance, at the international festival of children's art performance "Golden Bee" she took the second place. Olimakhon became the winner of the festival of children's art "Kamalak Yulduzlari"  in 2015. This was her first achievement. Now she is preparing for an international competition which is going to be hold in Moscow soon.


In the future, Olimakhon is going to be a good singer like a prominent Uzbek traditional  singer Munojot Yulchieva.


Nilufar Ibrokhimova

Ehson Usmonov


Created on Thursday, 12 March 2020

The citizens of the Arab Republic of Egypt - Motaz Billah Halvani, Ahmad Halvani and Yahya al Mughhabri visited our district, on March 10, 2020.

The guests met with the mayor of Kasansay district Bakhodir Yusupov in the City Hall.

During the meeting, the mayor of the district B.Yusupov talked about the role and potential of Kasansay district in Uzbekistan. He also spoke in detail about the range of local economy, opportunities and benefits for foreign investors, investment projects and their prospects.

To the end of the meeting, the sides signed an international agreement on an investment project in the textile and footwear industry. The agreement was signed by the representatives of both sides, Zaripov Marufjon (Uzbekistan) and Ahmad Halvani (Egypt)

The textile enterprise, which is planned to be set in co-operation with Egyptian partners, will not only meet the needs of the population for high-quality and affordable textile and footwear products in Kasansay, but also in the neighboring districts and regions of Uzbekistan.


Press Service of Kasansay District Khokimiyat



Created on Tuesday, 10 March 2020

According to the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "About awarding the State Prize named after Zulfiya" announced on March 7, 2020, to honor women and increase their roles and value in society, girls and women who have become role models for young people, who are showing their abilities and potential in particular fields and sectors, who are active and successful in social life,  were encouraged by awarding the State Prize.

Among the winners there are two representatives of Namangan region; first, Azimova Dilafroz Alamkhon kizi a 4th-year student of Tashkent State University of Economics  and also Tadjibayeva Olimakhon Ikromjon kizi - a 9th grade student of the 9th specialized secondary school of Kosonsoy district.


Press Service of Kasansay District Khokimiyat

Translated by Ekhson Usmonov


Created on Tuesday, 10 March 2020

The board chairman of Uzagrokimyoximoya JSC Olimjon Isayev has been appointed khokim of the city of Namangan.


Photo: Press services of Namangan city khokimiyat

Today, March 6, an extraordinary session of the city council of people’s deputies was held in Namangan. During the event, participants considered an organizational issue.


The board chairman of Uzagrokimyoximoya JSC Olimjon Isayev was appointed khokim of the city of Namangan.


Olimjon Isayev was born in 1972 in Namangan. He graduated from the TashkentStateAgrarianUniversity and the NamanganStateUniversity.


Since May 2018, he has been head of the joint-stock company Uzagrokimyoximoya.


It should be recalled that on March 5, deputies considered and approved the candidacy of the ex-khokim of Namangan city Shavkat Abdurazzakov for the post of chairman of the State Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection.


Created on Tuesday, 10 March 2020

UzAuto Motors has announced new prices for passenger cars.

On average, prices rose by 15-21%. New prices are published on the company’s official website.

Compared to previous prices, Chevrolet Damas VAN increased by 21% (old price - 62,750,539 soums).

Damas DLX also went up by 21% (previously - 64,696,586 soums). Damas LABO rose by 11% (previously - 71,349,654 soums).

The price of the Chevrolet Spark LS M/T rose by 10% (previously - 66,602,502 soums), and the Spark LT A/T increased by 21% (previously - 76,745,952 soums).

Chevrolet Lacetti rose by 3% (previous price – 111,116 080 soums), Chevrolet Lacetti CDX A/T Elegant Plus - by 3% (previous price – 134,104,347).


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